Monday, January 11, 2016

Sharks: Documented Fact v Hollywood Fiction

This time on the Shark Task Force, a preview of "The Oceanic Whitetip Shark." This film was just made an official selection at the Gray's Reef Film Festival in Savannah.

In this clip, Guy Harvey talks about how the shark has disappeared from our oceans.

He also talks about how the Oceanic Whitetip Shark was even replaced in a Hollywood film - for the better known White Shark:

Guy Harvey expeditions is now available on iTunes, just search "Guy Harvey Expeditions iTunes" or follow this link:

Guy Harvey Expeditions on iTunes

See you next time, because why wait a whole year for just one week on sharks?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Guy Harvey's Early Start

In this episode of the Shark Task Force - we see how shark conservationist Guy Harvey got his start in the world of art. "Meet Guy Harvey - A Guy Harvey Expedition" is now available on iTunes.

 Guy Harvey paints a mako shark:

Join us again next time - because - why wait a year, for just one week on sharks?