Monday, April 25, 2011

Emma the Shark's role in "This is Your Ocean: Sharks"

As we celebrate the World Premiere of "This is Your Ocean: Sharks" - it's time to meet Emma, the 14-foot Tiger Shark we first met several years go. Once you take a swim with her, you'll never see sharks the same way again. "This is Your Ocean: Sharks" featuring Wyland, Guy Harvey and Jim Abernethy debuts at the Newport Beach Film Festival, Friday, April 29, 2011. Directed by George C. Schellenger.


Fres4 said...

Beautiful and I can't wait to see the film. Do you know when it will be available to the public or for purchase?

Unknown said...

Every time i see videos of Jim and Emma i just want to cry - beautiful pictures and video!

Got To Love Sharks said...

This shows sharks can be loving if you give them the chance. It is adorable and wholesome to show that removing fishhooks to help a shark rewards you with a friendly and loving swimming companion. I even read on another site that Emma (the shark) makes sure that other sharks don't try to get too close to him to protect him! That's the definition of a swimming buddy! Overall, he must love going to swim just to be with Emma. And with her finding him after he quarantined for COVID shows she is not only loving, but extremely smart to learn how to recognize his specific boat!🦈❤