Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sharks: Knights of the Sea - Now available on DVD

Port Saint Lucie, FL – "This is our most important adventure yet,” says Executive Producer, George C. Schellenger. Sharks: Knights of the Sea takes a look at Lemon Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Great White Sharks, and provides a new perspective on these creatures. With sharks disappearing at an alarming rate, Knights also reports on conservation and why protecting sharks is so important.

The adventure begins in the Bahamas with Lemon Sharks and Tiger Sharks at a place called “Tiger Beach,” and ends on the Pacific Island of Guadalupe with Great White Sharks. “Citrus, Emma and Scrappy – they make up our shark All-Star Team,” George says, as he sits at his desk surrounded by shark photographs. “We were so close, the personalities of these animals really came through. You could see it in their eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul, even if you’re talking about a shark.”

“It takes a long time to put something like this together,” says Knights’ host, Jon Schellenger. “Our first dive was with the Great White Sharks in Guadalupe in December of 2004. It was a good start but only a beginning. We ended up going back to Guadalupe – then George went on two more expeditions to the Bahamas. The result was days and days of content – and incredible images of sharks. “The secret of wildlife photography is creating the best opportunity with the animals, with the best experts, and then going for it. And that means spending a lot of time in the field.”

George Schellenger is excited about the current project. “We’re eager to let people know about Sharks: Knights of the Sea, because after watching it, we think they’ll walk away with a different opinion about sharks. We hope they find a connection with sharks and help save them. If we can do that, our mission will be complete.”

Sharks: Knights of the Sea is the fourth documentary for Status Productions and the Schellenger brothers. They started several years ago with Captain Jon Explores the Ocean – shot in the Florida Keys, Captain Jon’s Island Adventure – shot on the island of Little Cayman, and Captain Jon’s Shark Safari – shot in the Bahamas. All of the titles are available on and The first three episodes have already been endorsed by the Coalition for Quality Children’s Entertainment.

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