Monday, August 18, 2008

Lionfish in the Caribbean: A Roar of a Problem

We've been seeing more and more lionfish on our expeditions to the Bahamas and other spots in the Caribbean. Here's a report we produced for Current TV:

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shark Dive Destination #1: Tiger Beach

Yes, so far, to us - the number one spot goes to Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. It gives new meaning to what exploring is all about. Jump in the water with us as we explore this location and come face to face with Tiger Sharks.

The Top 5 Shark Dive Destinations has been brought to you by Sharks: Knights of the Sea - now available on and The Top Five Destinations is also brought to you by The Shark Task Force. Why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?

Click here for: Shark Dive Destination #1: Tiger Beach

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Destination # 1?

What's our favorite shark dive destination? it's coming soon from the Shark Task Force. Meanwhile -- take a moment to check out our other top locations so far - from Stuart Cove's Aqua Adventures to the White Sharks of Guadalupe.

Stay turned for this exclusive video on the Shark Task Force, because why wait a whole year, for just one week on sharks?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shark Dive Destination #2: Guadalupe White Sharks!

Dive destination number two takes us to Guadalupe for some white shark encounters you won't forget. This includes an exclusive clip from Sharks: Knights of the Sea - A Captain Jon Adventure. Now available on and

Click here for: Shark Dive #2: Guadalupe

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shark Dive #3: Bull Shark Bula

Dive destination number three takes us to paradise, where there's much more to shark diving than meets the eye both above and below the water.

Click here for: Shark Dive #3: Bull Shark Bula

Shark Dive #4: Night of the Sharks

In the Bahamas, when the sun sets, the adventure is just beginning. Here's shark dive number 4 - taking a dip with sharks at night!

Click here for: Shark Dive #4: Night of the Sharks

Shark Dive #5: Stuart Cove's Aqua Adventures

Stuart Cove's Aqua Adventures - where it all started for us.
A fantastic place to dive with Caribbean Reef Sharks - and get yourself ready for big sharks!

Click here for: Shark Dive #5: Stuart Cove's Aqua Adventures

Monday, July 21, 2008

Top Five Shark Dives

The Shark Task Force, Status Adventures and Captain Jon begin a five part series on some of the best shark dives in the world.
You'll find an overview of the series available now on our iTunes channel.
Just search "Shark Task Force"

Up first - having a bite to eat with our friends just off the coast of Nassau.

A new exclusive from the Shark Task Force... because "Why wait a whole year, for just one week sharks."

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sharks: Knights of the Sea - Exclusive Trailer

We've put up the latest trailer for Sharks: Knights of the Sea. You can find it on iTunes under the SharkTaskForce PodCast.

It's also on

If you'd like to watch it on YouTube (extremely low resolution):

Thursday, July 3, 2008

White Tip Reef Shark: The Shark God

This time on the Shark Task Force, a shark of legend: The White Tip Reef Shark.

Click here for: The Shark God

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Up Next...

We're working on a bunch of new content.

-Top 5 Shark Dives of the World according to Status Adventures
-The Spirit of Tiger Beach
-Fiji and the Shark God

More to come...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Bloody Mess: Summer Shark Fishing

Here we go. What I'm about to say isn't pretty, but neither is the summer sport of going out on a big boat to fish for, and then brutally kill sharks.

The bloody mess this creates is disturbing and heart-wrenching.

Some in the North East will say it's a tradition that's been going on for years. Okay... fine... but shouldn't we be smarter than we were 100 years ago?

My only hope is that one day everyone will be smarter and really understand the role these creatures play in the sea.

Every time I get into the water to film a shark - I can only hope people will begin to see how majestic these animals are... and then maybe one day, we'll all learn to celebrate life - instead of a brutal death.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Protect the Sharks Foundation

If you have a second, check out the latest edition of the Shark Task Force on iTunes. This time we feature Geert Droppers from Protect the Sharks Foundation. They're reaching out to help protect sharks around the world. We're happy to help any way we can.

Keep up the good work, Geert!

For more about the Protect the Sharks Foundation - navigate over to:

To see the latest Shark Task Force click here: Shark Task Force: Protect the Sharks Foundation.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bula! Back from Fiji

We had an incredible adventure in Fiji -- you'll find reports in the days ahead on iTunes - let us know what you think.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Stop the slaughter

Are you kidding me?
The AP is reporting that Mexico's Navy and maritime authorities are using baited hooks to catch sharks after a fatal shark incident.

"It is not clear what species was involved in Monday's attack, but Navy Cdr. Arturo Bernal said that helicopter overflights had sighted two great white sharks nearby.
"We hope to catch any sharks that there are in the area," Bernal said, noting it was the only way to prevent further attacks. None have been caught so far.
"We may catch sharks which were not involved in the attack, but there is no way to know," Bernal said. "Fishermen are telling us that the sharks are very aggressive at the moment."
Environmentalists like Enrique Rodriguez Krebs, who heads the group SOS Bahia in the nearby resort of Zihuatanejo, opposes the hunt.
"There is going to be an indiscriminate slaughter of marine species with these hook lines," Rodriguez Krebs said.""

Remember - it's their world, we only swim in it. Killing a few sharks is a return to the "Jaws" mindset of the 70s.

Only one word defines it -- STUPID

If you really want to make the oceans safe forever -- just destroy all the wildlife there. Then it will be sanitized... and, oh yeah, that's right... it will be dead. I'm sure surfers would love to swim in polluted lifeless water.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shark Cast 1: Lawrence Groth

Click here for: Shark Cast 1

It's the first audio edition of the Shark Task Force. This time an interview with the president of Shark Diving International, Lawrence Groth. He's spent a lot of quality time with sharks around the world. He shares his experiences, why he's living his dream and how he's making dreams come true for many people. For more on Lawrence and Shark Diving International, check out For more on Sharks - check out Sharks: Knights of the Sea on

Click here for: Shark Cast 1

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Podcasts

There's some great new content available on iTunes from the Shark Task Force.

Check them out at: Shark Task Force Podcast

Also - we're now an advertising partner with If you're looking for news about the ocean -- it's like the New York Times, except underwater. Thanks to the team at for helping get the word out about Sharks: Knights of the Sea.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sharks: Knights of the Sea - Now available on DVD

The Shark Task Force dedicates April as "Learn more about sharks month.

To help get the word out, Sharks: Knights of the Sea is being offered for the April special price of $14.99 (includes tax and shipping). Join the adventure for understanding!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Balance in the Ocean

Click here for iPod or iPhone video: Click here for: Balance in the Ocean

Jim Abernethy talks about balance in the ocean in the beginning of Shark Symphony -- a special feature in Sharks: Knights of the Sea.

Click to go to the iTunes music store:

Click here for iPod or iPhone video: Click here for: Balance in the Ocean

The Great Shark Count

News from the The Australian - there will be a shark census count in Melbourne, Perth and Townsville sometime this year. Experts hope it reveals just how many sharks are in local waters. Some say they expect to find more sharks than previously thought. As we used to say in TV - "only time will tell."

Remember - The Shark Task Force is always updating iTunes - just click the link on the upper left.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sharks: Knights of the Sea - Now available on DVD

Port Saint Lucie, FL – "This is our most important adventure yet,” says Executive Producer, George C. Schellenger. Sharks: Knights of the Sea takes a look at Lemon Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Great White Sharks, and provides a new perspective on these creatures. With sharks disappearing at an alarming rate, Knights also reports on conservation and why protecting sharks is so important.

The adventure begins in the Bahamas with Lemon Sharks and Tiger Sharks at a place called “Tiger Beach,” and ends on the Pacific Island of Guadalupe with Great White Sharks. “Citrus, Emma and Scrappy – they make up our shark All-Star Team,” George says, as he sits at his desk surrounded by shark photographs. “We were so close, the personalities of these animals really came through. You could see it in their eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul, even if you’re talking about a shark.”

“It takes a long time to put something like this together,” says Knights’ host, Jon Schellenger. “Our first dive was with the Great White Sharks in Guadalupe in December of 2004. It was a good start but only a beginning. We ended up going back to Guadalupe – then George went on two more expeditions to the Bahamas. The result was days and days of content – and incredible images of sharks. “The secret of wildlife photography is creating the best opportunity with the animals, with the best experts, and then going for it. And that means spending a lot of time in the field.”

George Schellenger is excited about the current project. “We’re eager to let people know about Sharks: Knights of the Sea, because after watching it, we think they’ll walk away with a different opinion about sharks. We hope they find a connection with sharks and help save them. If we can do that, our mission will be complete.”

Sharks: Knights of the Sea is the fourth documentary for Status Productions and the Schellenger brothers. They started several years ago with Captain Jon Explores the Ocean – shot in the Florida Keys, Captain Jon’s Island Adventure – shot on the island of Little Cayman, and Captain Jon’s Shark Safari – shot in the Bahamas. All of the titles are available on and The first three episodes have already been endorsed by the Coalition for Quality Children’s Entertainment.

Monday, March 24, 2008


The goal of the Shark Task Force is to help reveal the truth about sharks.

We just released our latest DVD called Sharks: Knights of the Sea. You'll find it for sale on Sharks: Knights of the Sea takes a close look at Lemon Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Great White Sharks. We think you'll find it a fun adventure for the entire family.

You'll also find segments on iTunes and (check out the links at the top of the page).


Welcome to the Shark Task force.